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Pelimoose has represented and published work by well-known authors and media personalities. We are proud of our track record and invite you to explore some of our authors' books.

Publisher of The Story Man's First Writes by Roger Barkley

The Story Man's First Writes by Roger Barkley

We knew him for his wonderful gifts of wit, captivating humor, responsible broadcasting, and generous humanitarianism. We also enjoyed his warm and heartfelt stories told in his series known as "The Story Man" in the La Cañada Flintridge Magazine. Roger assembled these and more of his favorite stories and essays for this, his first book. Prior to his death in December 1997, he learned that it was indeed, being published. Including personal photographs of Roger with well-known celebrities and politicians, this book is a must-have for all Barkley fans.

Roger Barkley & Tina Marie Ito

Agent of Executive Hoodlum: Negotiating on the Corner of Main and Mean by John Costello with Larry Elder
Meet John Costello, Vice President of Business Development and Government Relations for Microsemi Corporation, a $6 billion leader in the advanced semiconductor market. Well known and respected in the industry, John Costello graduated from college in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration. John's social circle includes high-level corporate executives, politicians, military leaders, and movie stars. As a young boy, he played Little League Baseball and Pop Warner Football, and he went on to become an outstanding track and cross-country runner in high school, captain of his college rowing team, and an accomplished boxer in the Golden Gloves and other tournaments. With this wholesome All-American résumé, most would think that John Costello emerged from a solid middle-class family with all the usual privileges pertaining—though nothing could be further from the truth.

Executive Hoodlum: Negotiating on the Corner of Main and Mean by John Castello with Larry Elder

Costello was born into a working-class neighborhood on Chicago's north side and grew up under quite difficult conditions. His father was a talented Italian tenor with mob connections and a proclivity for violence; his mother, the daughter of an Irish street cop, was a straight-laced Catholic girl till she took to the bottle after falling victim to that violence. Surrounded by constant turmoil and hardship involving gangs, members of the underworld, murder, suicide, drug addiction as well as physical and emotional abuse, John eventually transcended his circumstances to obtain a higher education and pursue a profitable career that entailed all the perks of an executive lifestyle inclusive of the Hollywood party circuit.

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Executive Hoodlum: Negotiating on the Corner of Main and Mean Book Art Tina with Johnny Costello